The Centre for Monitoring and Environmental Interpretation (CMIA) of Matosinhos operates under an agreement between the Municipality of Matosinhos and the Interdisciplinary Center for Marine and Environmental Research, University of Porto (CIIMAR) with the aim of implementing a center of scientific and environmental education in the area of the sea.

The emblematic aim of CMIA of Matosinhos is to show the great public that the task of better meet the sea for a better management is a priority and that each of us is an actor of this administration. The message to put across is that of solidarity with future generations.

The playful nature, teaching and dissemination of the CMIA of Matosinhos assumes also an essential role due to the given role that ordinary citizens are booked in the future evolution of the sea.

The CMIA de Matosinhos has an integrated character, connecting through a scientific approach to modern technologies of exploration and investigation of the oceans, in all its components (physical, chemical, geological and biological) as well as the economic and social aspects of human interaction / environment.

The CMIA of Matosinhos as four acting areas that combine and complement themselves:

  1. Scientific education actions
  2. Environmental education oriented to great public, kids and juveniles
  3. Support projects elementary and secondary schools
  4. Formation on working context for professional internship ( secondary or higher education ) and volunteers with bachelor on Biology or Environment fields

CMIA de Matosinhos
Rua Alfredo Cunha
(sob Biblioteca Florbela Espanca)
4450 Matosinhos
Telefone: 22 939 24 09

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