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The city is located in Matosinhos left and right margins of the Rio Leça, boardwalk and 8 km from the center of Porto. The village predates the founding of Portuguese nationality, as already existed in the year 900, calling Matesinus. In 1514 he was granted a charter by King Manuel I, and was elevated to a town by determination of D. Mary I in 1853. Matosinhos became a city on June 28, 1984 (Law 10/84 - DR148). The Municipality of Matosinhos belongs to the Douro and Porto district. Confronts the South with the Municipality of Porto, North with the Municipality of Vila do Conde and East with the municipality of Maia.

With an area of 62.3 km2, Matosinhos municipality accounts for about 8% of the territory of the metropolitan area of Porto. Administratively it is divided into 10 parishes: Matosinhos, Senhora da Hora, S. Mamede Infesta, Leça do Balio, Custóias, Guifões, Leca da Palmeira, Perafita, Santa Cruz do Bispo and Lavra. In this county reside in accordance with the latest census (2011) 175 478 individuals.

His extensive relationship with the sea, the West, definitely marked the County. Why he left many sailors at the time of discovery, he came by the army commanded by D.Pedro and disembarking in Arnosa Pampelido-liberalism permanently implanted in Portugal, he arrived more recently an important fishing community.

The need for a safe haven, first, and a bold draft-port economic development then led in the late nineteenth century to the construction of the Port of, giving birth to a transformation process throughout the urban and industrial development of the city where canning played an important role. Other key infrastructure act as vectors for the development of the region beyond the Port of the second largest national TIR Terminal, the Exhibition Park North - EXPONOR and proximity to the Airport Francisco Sá Carneiro.

The Municipality of Matosinhos today has urbanistic and architectural symbols designed by architects worldwide, as Álvaro Siza Vieira, Alcino Soutinho, Távora and Fernando Souto Moura.

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