Building CMIA - Matosinhos

The CMIA building, in Matosinhos, was implemented in order to serve as visual South-North cut created by large marginal strip, articulated with the Senhor do Padrão monument path.



Multipurpose room, area for expositions, lectures, conferences (with a capacity of 30 seats).


Space that provides a list of books (identification guides, environmental stories, fables, technical books and various publications dedicated to environment) and also audiovisual material.


Living space that represents the biodiversity of tidepools and the water quality monitoring.

Gabinete técnico

Surrounding Areas of CMIA

Allows recreational and educational activities on a natural enviroment – Titan beach.

CMIA de Matosinhos
Rua Alfredo Cunha
(sob Biblioteca Florbela Espanca)
4450 Matosinhos
Telefone: 22 939 24 09

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